Greetings fellow readers, writers, and adventurers!

I have been nominated by the lovely Lisa over at Fromdreamtoplan for my very first tag post: The Places Where… tag. If you haven´t already checked her out, you simply must, if not to read about her adventures then to simply see all the beautiful places she´s visited. A big thanks to Lisa for translating this tag for us all from Italian to English!

I must say I am very excited to have a chance to take part in this tag as not only is it related to my all time favourite pass time, that being travel, but also it allows me to interact with you all on a more personal level. I am loving visiting all the wonderful blogs on this site and getting to know some of you a bit better and need to mention how appreciative I am of all the genuine comments you all leave. It´s been a pleasure thus far.

Nevertheless, that´s enough babbling….let´s begin!

Cite A Place…

1) You Always Bring With You

I have no other option but to answer Melbourne, Australia on this one. Being the city I grew up in, I can´t help but bring fond memories and cultural quirks from here wherever I go.

2) Where You Had Fun

Lausanne, Switzerland was one of my favourite family trips. This city is beyond beautiful and I had a lot of fun strolling along Lake Geneva while snacking on a baguette and watching the Geneva Jet.

3) Which Touched You

There´s no place that´s ever effected me quite like Osweicim, Poland, or the town in which Auschwitz-Birkenau is situated. This place touched me in the most chilling and horrific way possible, but also reminded me of how important human empathy is.

4) Which Disappointed You

Don´t get me wrong, I love this country, but Oslo, Norway was a real disappointment. I was expecting a lot more based on Norway´s general beauty and impressiveness, but I found Oslo to be really quite overrated.

5) Which Surprised You

When my family suggested going to Quebec, Canada I wasn´t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I was pleasantly surprised by the European feel I got here and how stunning and cozy this city was. I would recommend it to anyone and hope to get back there at some point.

6) Where You Have Tasty Memories

I´m not gonna lie…I talk about this tasty treat a lot (in fact you can go read about it here), but I am in love with Prague´s traditional street food; trdelniks. I ate many delicious things in this city such as fried cheese, potato pancakes and a killer apple cake but by far trdelniks have been the most delicious cultural treat to date. I would get on a plane right now just to visit this beautiful city and snag one of these cinnamon-sugared slices of heaven.

7) Where You Lived A Memorable Moment

Snorkeling in the Florida Keys, USA was certainly one of my most memorable travel moments. I was so excited to see all the tropical fish, jellyfish and even an eel that by the time I got out of the water, I was as red as a tomato.

8) Where You Lived A Romantic Moment

Annecy, France. I wouldn´t say it was romantic in the traditional sense of `an experience between lovers´, but for me I found Annecy an incredibly romantic little town and fell in love with it…but shhh, don´t tell my partner.

9) You´d Like to Go Back

I would absolutely love to go back to Rotorua, New Zealand. Seriously. This place was just something else. The bright oranges contrasted against tropical blues of steaming geysers was a magnificent sight that I would certainly enjoy experiencing again.

10) You´d Like To Go To

After seeing so many blog posts on this place and never having actually been to a typical `tropical getaway´type destination, I´ve been desperate to visit the Maldives. I mean don´t even get me started on those crystal clear waters.


I´d like to nominate:

1. lostinprettyeurope

2. travelfranzi

3. danniijane

4. greenlightsahead

5. avecvalerie

6. wwellend

7. globetrottingteen

8. abouthersmallworld

9. threemonthadventure

10. aliceswonderland17

11. Fromdreamtoplan


The rules are as follows:

1. Cite the creator of the tag: Una vita non basta
2. Answer the 10 questions
3. Nominate 10 bloggers, in particular who love travelling, and advise them about the nomination
4. Use the tag “ipostichetag” when publishing the post
5. Cite the creator of the blog as 11th in your nomination list

Happy blogging everyone! I look forward to reading all your answers.

16 thoughts on “THE 10 PLACES WHERE…

  1. Thank you for taking part Lara! I enjoyed reading your experiences! And unfortunately I agree with you about Oslo, I expected more! But I’m pretty sure that there are places in Norway where it’s worth going! 🙂


    1. No problem, Lisa. Thanks for nominating me 🙂 I know right? Being a capital city, I really expected more from Oslo. I hear Bergen is gorgeous though! Would love to check it out at some point.


  2. I loved reading the answers! I share the same feeling about Auschwitz-Birkenau, which I visited last year. I couldn’t stop thinking about what atrocities happened in that exact area for nights.. It is a chilling place and I would never visit it again.. Thanks for the nomination! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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