Today´s post is going to be a little different.

Often I write with the intention of sharing information that might be helpful for everyone and anyone. Tips and tricks inspired by my experiences that may help my readers.

But today´s post is just an update. This post is dedicated to something that happened yesterday that I just can´t get over…


So, as you may know, I am an Australian living abroad in Norway with my boyfriend in-between monthly adventures around Europe. Recently, my mum came to visit for a week and a half. We spent our days travelling around the country; hiking mountains, gaping at centuries old wooden churches, and enjoying the Norwegian summer sun by the fjord coast. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and mum had to leave early Monday morning. So the first hours of Monday were spent in bed not wanting to move.

As you can imagine, starting a life in a new country takes lots of time and many unpredicted set-backs pop up along the way. At this point in time, I am working on the not-so-exciting legal aspects of living in a new country and many processes feel endless. Therefore, the combination of my mother leaving and knowing I must return to all my current stressors was a lot to handle.

Feeling homesick and stressed after hugging my mum goodbye at 5am, I shot my sleeping boyfriend a text expressing my grief.

At 8am I receive a response from him asking if everything is okay and if I need anything. Not in the mood to talk and knowing he must be rushing off to work, I replied with a short `No´, and crawled back into a ball of low spirits.

Next minute the phone is ringing. He is calling, but I just don´t have the energy to answer so I stare at the bright screen of my mobile and let it ring out…a totally out-of-character response, as I´m usually very reliable with his calls.

While wiggling back under my blanket I hear the doorbell. Thinking it´s a neighbour, I don´t answer and wait for them to leave.

Suddenly, the door crashes open. My paranoid heart beats a thousand miles an hour as I hide under the blanket, anticipating an armed intruder.

An unexpected weight comes crashing down on to my bed as I feel arms wrapping around me and a familiar voice.

`Hey sneepy!´

A feeling of warmth wells up inside at the realisation of my boyfriend leaving work to come check on me. He describes how he was searching for a hydrangea, my favourite type of flower, to bring and cheer me up but that the store only had the green kind rather than purple, my favourite colour. He stays for a few minutes to give me a good cuddle and promises to have a movie night with me and then runs on back to work.

The next day he takes time off of work to drive me to the immigration department, despite my insistence on taking the bus. Here I receive unexpected news of yet another obstacle to living and working in Norway. My boyfriend takes my hand and promises to help me figure it out as we drive to the tax office for more information.

A few hours of driving, questions and general irritation later, we find a solution and a huge weight that had been plaguing my mind for months is lifted off my shoulders.

So what I´ve learnt recently is 2 things:

  1. Moving is hard
  2. My boyfriend is not half bad





14 thoughts on “A SIMPLE UPDATE

  1. Aww, so sweet. It must be so tough getting acclimatized to a new place, and organizing all of the administrative things in an unfamiliar environment. How very brave of you! Good that you have some solid supports. Best of luck!

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  2. Hi Lara,

    Yes Spiritual Journey has it in one. When the big picture is too big, break it down. Take it one day at a time. And sometimes that is too much. What you think is I just need to keep breathing.

    Find some great things to do besides having to worry getting all your documentation in order. You are right though, moving is hard work but it has great rewards.

    You are doing a great job with your blog. And your boyfriend sounds like a great bloke.


    1. Hey Louise! Thanks so much for your thoughtful advice. I like the idea of breaking things down into smaller pieces. I´ve been working on it today actually and it´s made my next plans a lot more reasonable. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a genuine response 🙂 All the best to you!

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  3. i can so relate to the feeling of homesickness, i have been away for long periods of time while my kids were growing up and i missed them and my home so much, but you are young and now is the time you can do this before family commitments hold you back. i hope you will see over the legal and complicated matters and enjoy the country as a native. your boyfriend is so lovely to know when you need that hug!


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