By far one of my favourite cities, Prague is a dream come true for travelers, foodies, photographers and historians. With warm Bohemian style buildings situated along the gleaming Vlatava River, Prague is a must see for every man and his dog.

There are a plethora of things to check out in Prague, but the following were my personal favourite must-sees:

1) The Old Town

Surely Prague´s Old Town, or Stare Mesto, must be one of Europe´s most breathtaking medieval squares. Packed with attractive buildings and it´s oh-so pretty Tyn church, it is easy to get lost in enjoying this square for a good couple of hours.

Old Town Hall View
View from Old Town Hall Tower

For a spectacular aerial view of the square, climb the Old Town Hall Tower. The ascent and ticket prices, at only $5USD, are very reasonable, but for those who prefer a more leisurely experience there is an elevator to the observation deck. Once at the top, admire the pointed Gothic spires of Tyn Church and the red roofs outstretching for miles.

The Astronomical Clock

On your way back down make sure to catch the proceedings at the Astronomical Clock on the Southern facing wall of the Town Hall. This show runs every hour on the hour and draws spectators from far and wide.


2) Trdelniks, trdelniks, trdelniks!

A sweet, grilled street food that will only take one bite to get you hooked, trdelniks are a foodies bestfriend.

Trdelnik Stall

Prague is filled with little pockets of trdelnik stalls, serving the authentic doughy pastry. Covered in cinnamon and sugar, you´re tastebuds will thank you for trying this delicious treat. For a little more decadent of a dessert, opt for the trdelnik with plum jam.

A trdelnik in the process of being dipped in cinnamon sugar

3) Charles Bridge

Ask anyone about what to do in Prague and they will mention the Charles Bridge.


Of course, this cannot be missed, but be wary as it becomes very busy and touristy throughout the day. We visited Prague in March, the low season, and decided to try to catch the 6am sunrise. This was optimal as when we crossed back over the bridge around 5pm it was almost impossible to move, squished like sardines in the crowd with a very touristy view of locals selling postcards every few meters.

A very sleepy 6am snap on Charles Bridge

4) The Lesser Quarter

The Lesser Quarter, or Mala Strana is a jewel just waiting to be discovered. This area has much to offer. The castle district is a definite must, housing many formerly royal buildings.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Though St. Vitus Cathedral is the main draw, make sure to checkout a few of the buildings here as the architecture is stunning.


Aside from the castle district, Mala Strana is also home to St. Nicholas Church in all it´s baroque grandiosity.

St. Nicholas Church

Next to St. Nicholas Church stands a hidden gem, The Town Belfry. This tower provides a beautiful view over all of Prague from a different angle than that of the Old Town Hall Tower.


For the lover of music, stop in at the Czech Museum of Music. With an array of old historical instruments and it´s `Mozart Piano´this museum has much to offer and can fill a good couple of hours.

5) The State Opera House

You may not be a fan of the opera, but you will be a fan of this opera house. The impeccable detail of The State Opera cannot possibly be met with indifference.

Interior of The State Opera

Rich reds, gleaming golds, and an earthy green ceiling are a show in themselves, but if you do get a chance try to catch a ballet or opera here as the experience will be unforgettable and tickets are quite inexpensive.

The Snow Queen performed by The Czech National Ballet

We popped in to watch a ballet adaptation of The Snow Queen and it was certainly one of the highlights of the trip and a really immersive cultural experience.


Though I have only listed 5, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful Czech city. So if you´ve got travel on the brain, pack your bags and head to Prague.

16 thoughts on “5 REASONS TO VISIT PRAGUE

  1. Lovely, lovely photos! Prague is one of my favorite cities in Europe too 🙂 I live only 6-7 driving hours away from there in Lodz, Poland but have been there just once during the two years of living in Poland. I must make it there during summer or autumn this year, as I am dying to go back!


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