Calling all England lovers and enthusiasts!


I have a secret for you and it goes by the name of Cambridge.

Of course, the aforementioned shire is famous for it´s historically significant colleges and alumni by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall and Ian McKellen just to name a few.

However, this breathtaking city is much more than simply a scholar´s paradise. Covered top-to-toe in various varieties of flowers, English Gothic architecture and delicious market treats, Cambridge is surely England´s other Crown Jewels.

The city is a mere hour´s drive from London and is very accessible by bus or train. So for anyone spending a few days in London, here are 5 reasons why you should consider making a stop in at Cambridge:

1) King´s College

Head to the centre of the city along King´s Parade and you will find yourself staring up at King´s College´s magnificent facade.

King´s College Cambridge
King´s College on a cloudy day

Look to your right and you will spot the College Chapel. Architecture fans are sure to be impressed, as this chapel is considered an exceptionally exquisite example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture. The interior of the chapel also features the world´s largest fan-vault ceiling (for more information click here).

King´s College Chapel
The College Chapel

2) Chelsea Buns at Fitzbillies

Follow in Stephen Fry´s footsteps and head to the infamous Fitzbillies on Trumpington Street. Here you will find the stickiest, most delicious chelsea bun in all of England.

Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun
Fitzbillies´ famous Chelsea Bun

In fact, the Fitzbillies chelsea bun is so popular amongst Cambridge locals that when the store reopened, after closing in 2011, the folks of Cambridge lined up all the way down the street and around the corner just for a taste of these delicious buns. You can be sure they were not disappointed.

3) The Bridge of Sighs

Aptly named, the Bridge of Sighs can be located at the back of St Johns College crossing The River Cam.

The Bridge of Sighs
The Cambridge Bridge of Sighs

A visit to St Johns to see this spectacle and enjoy the beautiful gardens is certainly worth the £8 entry. Keep your ears open as students give guided `punting´tours along the river and tell tales of their experiences at the college.

A student punting along The River Cam

4) The Cambridge Market

A short walk from King´s College will land you smack bang in the middle of the marketplace along Market Hill. Have a wander through and enjoy all the street food vendors, fruit and vegetable stalls and art hawkers.

The Cambridge Market
Check out the noses on these babies
Some seriously tempting foccacia

Make sure to stroll the lovely streets off Market Hill as well, and maybe stop in at Aromi for a homemade Italian gelato or two.

Details along Market Hill
Tell me this isn´t the cutest thing you´ve ever seen?
Slightly melted lemon and strawberry gelati

5) Sir Isaac Newton´s Apple Tree

Of course, a trip to Cambridge is as beautiful as it is historic. For a little blast to the scientific past make a pit stop at Trinity College. Here you can spot Sir Isaac Newton´s famed apple tree where it was said to be the inspiration for his theory of gravity after being bopped on the head by one of the fallen fruits.

Sir Isaac Newton´s apple tree
Sir Isaac Newton´s apple tree in front of Trinity College

Unfortunately, this tree is not the original, however, it is a descendant of the first plant and worth a proper look.



So to all Londonites and tourists alike, add Cambridge to the list of English must-sees and be prepared to fall a little in love with this quaint university town.


  1. I love these photos of Cambridge! I live near here and you have done it wonderful justice! I have given your blog a follow and I look forward to your future posts! Check my blog out if you have the time, it is a beauty blog :)x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you very much! Im very jealous, I would absolutely love to live near Cambridge as it has been my favourite city to explore yet. I loved your blog 🙂 gladly giving it a follow


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