Tiger balm.

Yes, you read that correctly. It may not seem like anything special, but I never leave the house let alone the country without this magical baby.

Why? Well, picture this:

You´ve woken up at 5am. Spent a good couple of hours sitting, waiting (in the car to the airport, at the airport, on the plane) and nervously quadruple checking that you´ve remembered your passport. You reach the airport of your destination, but alas, there´s more. You´re next step is to get to your accomodation. If you´re lucky enough, you´re dropped off at the door by taxi, but if not you may find yourself going by train and having to track down the hotel from the station which may entail a hefty backpack-laden walk.

Talk about a stressful day…and by this time it´s only mid-day.

Sure you´ve mainly been sitting, but by the time you finally plonk yourself down on the bed in the hotel you feel about as energetic as a sloth on a Sunday morning (I imagine that´s an extremely sluggish scene). Plus, if you´re anything like me, your head is probably pounding from all the planning.

So what´s a traveler to do?

Now´s the time to reach for the tiger balm. I rub a thin layer on my temples and forehead and wallah I feel as good as gold.


This impressively potent little jar of goodness is a natural way to combat headaches or any aches and pains for that matter. Not to mention, it feels so fresh and rejuvenating, and smells great to boot. Rub it on your temples during a travel headache, or your aching legs after an action-packed day of sight-seeing.

It´s so simple and easy. Plus its in a travel-sized jar, perfect for fitting into your hand luggage. Trust me, once you try this stuff you´ll never leave without it again. Get your hands on a jar and see why it´s my favourite travel accessory.

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