1. Productive Relaxation

    Sometimes it can be hard to sit and relax. Our busy lifestyles tell us we should always be working towards something. However, this mindset can be counterproductive for our mental health and leave us a frazzled mess. Knitting allows for guilt-free downtime that still feels productive.TAKE IT


  1. Sense of pride

    One of those small happinesses that makes life just that more enjoyable. Seeing the fruits of your labour and painstakingly working through process will make the end product that much sweeter.

  2. Enhances creativity

    Sometimes during the process of creating, something magical happens and we find ourselves in a state of flow. Not only is flow beneficial for positive emotions, but it also enhances our capacity for creativity.

  3. No limits

    Colour combinations, patterns, altering techniques. There is no limit to what you can create.IMG_1500.JPG

  4. Time to think

    Much like meditation, knitting gives us time to process thoughts in a non-judgmental way.

  1. Sweet handmade gifts

    What better present to receive than something made from the heart? Need I say more?

  2. The end result

    Need an extra cozy winter sweater? A case for your phone? Some throw pillows for that new apartment? Guess what? You can make them all.IMG_1490.JPG

  3. Practical skill

    Today´s mentality is focused on growth. What better way to grow than to add a new skill set to your repertoire?

  1. Do it anytime, anywhere

    On the train, in a park, during a roadtrip. Just throw your needles and thread into an extra chic tote (click here) and you´re ready to goIMG_3067

  2. Not just for grandmas

    Yes, this is the number one misconception of knitting. It is true that many grandma´s love it, and I will be candid in saying that my incredibly talented grandma was the one who introduced me to the hobby. But who says you have to be a grandma to knit? Today, there are so many modern patterns to choose. Plus you can knit while watching Girls and show off your progress on insta.

    Click here for the cutest knitting instagram account you´ve ever seen


So what are you waiting for?


  1. I have been meaning to learn knitting. My mom knows how to do it, I should probably learn from her! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful website and beautiful pictures, looking forward to more updates! 🙂


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