When your boyfriend suggests a day down at the fjord, your answer is always yes.

Being pleasantly greeted to the sound of songbirds, we trecked our way through the pine trees and down to the shore.

As an Australian girl, being near water means swimming and today was no exception. However, this time I would learn a very important lesson. One I will not forget.

Let me explain.

Recently, the weather has been much hotter than what you might expect of a Norwegian spring. Some days have even reached a balmy 33 degrees C in the sun. So, naturally, I assumed it would be a great time for a swim.


Upon reaching the little inlet, my attention went straight to the water. Never have I seen anything so crystal clear to the point where I could see every little detail of the bottom. I was beyond enticed, and this was my undoing.

I kicked off my sandals and got ready to jump in. Immediately I noticed how painful the pebbles were under my feet. In comparison with the soft sand of Australian beaches, the Norwegian fjord is surrounded by pebbles. Nevertheless, I continued.

Suddenly, my feet were in the water and this is when it hit me.

It´s too cold to swim in Norway in May!

With my legs stinging in pain I had failed to consider that though the weather may be hot, the water may not be. Now, don´t get me wrong, I can handle cold water. I´ve never been one to shy away from a swim, even during winter….or Australian ´winter´ at least. But this was different.

I wanted to just get out and sit on the shore, but I was already too late. I had been dared into swimming, and I was going to do it.

After several failed attempts at getting in, my boyfriend decided he would count me down to help motivate me. Finally, I was in and severely regretting it.

Never again will I attempt to swim in a fjord in spring.



  1. Haha I can imagine how cold the water must have been!
    I have memories of swimming in Baltic sea at the Polish coast last year in July and I was shivering the whole time I was in, but I love swimming so I couldn’t pass the chance.


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