This is my first spring in Norway.

When I arrived here in February everything was covered in a frozen slush. Winter was still abound, but signs of it melting away were everywhere. From the unevenly whitened lawn, to the salt stains on my leather boots, the weather mimicked my own transitional period.

Over the past three months, however, there has been a very definite shift. As my grandpa would say, `Spring has sprung´. It certainly has.

As of yet, it has exceeded my expectations in almost all realms of beauty.

Lawns are full of hot pink tulips. Young deer scamper through the blossomed-scented forest. And I am told there is still more in store.

By far my favourite progression to witness has been that of the wild flowers. Here, blåveis and hvitveis grow rampantly and unabashed amongst buttercups.

blåveis bouquet

Many a day has been spent picking these beauties and holding buttercups to my boyfriends chin, watching the shadow of proof reflect his love for butter. Surely, there´s no place on Earth quite as lovely.

I cannot wait to see what summer will bring…


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